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Valuable Stud Horse Breeding

Hustlen Mighto Bar

"Mighty Hustler"

Black & White Overo

Mare Breeding

Our descendant of "Secretariat" is our Tobiano Horse.



Aspen: A dark brown overo paint horse.

Peaches (Copper) Our buckskin paint. One of the most beautyiful of the whole

Yearling for sale

Rocketman brown overo horse







Welcome all

Thank you for coming to our site. We specialize in breeding paint overo horses and selling colts.

Affordable price to breed to our black and white overo stallion named "Hustler Might O". .


This year we have a baby horse named Rocket. Rocket is a long legged overo horse that stood up at least within an hour after birth.

baby horse brown overo horse

Have a blessed day

Please Call Debbie Weingardt for any questions.